Sheep, shearing and summer

summer sunset

We are lucky to live where we do. Even though we can get hot sunny days, the Otway fern gullies are still cool and green even in the middle of summer.

Summer means shearing time on the farm to remove the warm woolly coats from the sheep before the true heat hits.

Each shearer shears between 150 and 200 every day- that’s a lot of wool with four shearers working.

After the shearing, a yard full of shorn sheep wait to return to the paddock.

Follow the leader at Glen Aire to the drinking spot. Each mum has her own lamb following closely behind.

After long days working on the farm, it is nice to finish the days off with a cold beer overlooking the Southern Ocean. We encourage everyone to head down the Great Ocean Road to enjoy the magnificent scenery and hospitality. After the global publicity of the bushfires in East Gippsland and New South Wales, many tourists have stayed away from Australia altogether. This combined with the travel bans has meant a noticeable downturn in tourism in our region.

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