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Great Ocean Walk [+]

Since the mid 1970s there has been talk of creating a local walking trail to showcase the natural terrain and beauty of the Otway Coast. It was 2001 before development began and 2006 when the trail finally opened. The 100km walk has been designed to offer not only long walks, but numerous short walks that are easily achievable by almost everyone.

12 Apostles [+]

Victoria's premiere tourist attraction, the Twelve Apostles currently number fewer than the name suggests due to the battering they are dealt by the same severe conditions that originally carved them from the rugged Limestone cliffs.

Otway Fly [+]

One of the experiences of a lifetime, the Otway Fly Treetop Walk is the longest and tallest elevated walk of its kind in the world. There are 600 metres of raised walkway reaching 35 metres above ground level, with a 45-metre high lookout above the canopy.

Cape Otway Lighthouse [+]

Perched on the cliffs above Bass Strait, the Cape Otway Lighthouse is steeped in history and would have been the first glimpse of land that thousands of colonial settlers would have viewed since rounding the Cape of Good Hope. Cape Otway was opened in 1848 and is now the oldest surviving lighthouse in mainland Australia.

Otway Harvest Trail [+]

The Otway Harvest Trail is a celebration of the seasons that bestow a rich bounty on this luscious part of Victoria. Base yourself at the Great Ocean Walk Retreat and take some time to discover some of Australia's finest produce created by the unique combination of aspect, soils, climate and farming practices of the Otway hinterland.

Walks and Waterfalls [+]

One of the last bastions of original natural beauty, the Otways still possess the original character explorers of the area encountered hundreds of years ago. Walks and waterfalls within the national park allow all to discover the 300-year-old giant trees, tree-ferns, spectacular rainforests and stunning waterfalls. Visit after dark when some of the most amazing creatures come out - including dirt banks adorned with glow worms!

Local Towns [+]

For those who want to enjoy a some time exploring some quaint towns in a spectacular beachside setting, Apollo Bay, Lorne and Port Campbell are all within easy reach and offer a wide variety of activities ranging from the local farmers markets, fresh seafood from the fisherman's co-operatives, great restaurants, shops and festivals.

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